The “Pay What You Can” Model of Outsourcing – A Trial

“Most entrepreneurs dream of the day they can start outsourcing, but think they can’t do so on a lower budget … but maybe you can …”

In developing the packages for The VA Team, I am clear that these services will not always suit everyone.

As an entrepreneur myself, I realise that business people are all at different stages of developing their businesses or expanding into different niches.

So what do you do if you know you definitely want or need to be moving forward in a certain area, but just don’t have the budget to go all-in at the moment.

Well, I’ve decided to trial a new business model just for you!

The ‘Pay What You Can’ Model

This is how the ‘Pay What You Can’ Model works.

1. You identify an area of your business that we could potentially assist you with, such as managing content on your Facebook page or managing your email inbox (just 2 of many examples).

2. You work out how much you have available in your weekly or monthly budget to allocate towards this service – this problem, pain or whatever you want to call it. Maybe it’s a goal you’re wanting to work towards, but don’t have time to put into it just now.

3. We look at your budget and your needs, then we let you know what we can provide you within that weekly/monthly budget in order to work toward your goals and reduce your stress in that particular area.

4. You agree to our service offer, decline it, or make a counter-offer. We only offer one (1) counter-offer, and if we don’t reach an agreement after that, we part ways with a smile – no harm, no foul (think that’s the saying!) :-)


I think so.

How will it work most effectively?

1. We will start off with a limited number of categories for using this model.

  • Social Media Management
    • Scheduling content on your FB or Twitter pages. Negotiable on other platforms, so just ask.
    • Reporting analytics on various posts
    • Adding photo quotes as content
    • Reporting to you when comments need to be answered
    • Helping to build FB Likes & Twitter Followers
    • Others by request
  • Administrative tasks
        • Email inbox management
        • Record keeping
        • Database updates
        • Others by request

2. We’re relying on you being honest with your budget. The aim is to help our clients move forward in their business by taking pressure off you and helping you use your time more efficiently.

If you’re committed to this and have honestly worked out a budget that you can put towards moving your business forward, we want to assist you in that.

But we won’t spend time haggling! Our packages are available on the site.

This service is for those whose needs don’t quite fit the packages, but genuinely want to employ our team to save them time and money.

3. Although we are happy to do one-off tasks occasionally, this model is really aimed at people who want to invest on a recurring weekly or monthly basis. This way we can truly get to know your needs and serve you to the best of our ability.

4. Minimum budget requirement is $20/week. (Prices all in AUD)

Is this model for you?

This model is not for everyone. My aim here is to offer an alternative to our packages, while also assisting entrepreneurs and small business people to keep moving forward in their business.

Outsourcing is often the ultimate dream for many entrepreneurs, but they feel they need to be at a certain level of income in order to enjoy the benefits of having a virtual assistant or otherwise outsourcing their tasks.

What I’m suggesting with this new model of outsourcing is that the above might not be the case.

Maybe it IS possible for you to outsource even with a small weekly or monthly budget.

We may not be able to do all the work that you’d like outsourced, but if we could do half of it or even 20% of it, that’s a big chunk of your valuable time that is freed up to do the really important work you started your business to do.

If the above model is something that interests you, please email me at and provide the following information:

Tasks You Need Assistance With:
Weekly or Monthly Budget:


Simply click this link and it’ll take you to a Google Form for you to fill out with all the required information.

Please be honest and reasonable with your available budget. If you only have a tiny amount to spend, I’d recommend visiting or and seeing what assistance you can find on those freelance sites.

The Pay What You Can Model is only in a trial period at this stage. If it takes off and I believe it is mutually beneficial to our clients and our business, we will continue it.

If you have any questions regarding this model, please email me on the above email or Tweet/DM me @VATeamAU or @GetUpNGoGuru

Keep Smiling

Louise Bibby :-)

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